About Us

Why Symphony?

Right now, businesses across the supply chain are experiencing unnecessary challenges and missing out on valuable opportunities.


Because the data you have access to is stored and managed in different places, often incomplete and too complex.To put it simply, many businesses are losing time, money and valuable information purely because their data management processes and platforms are disjointed.

Symphony seamlessly connects every business across the supply chain with reliable and secure Master Data from which powerful decisions can be made.

Our purpose

To make supply chains more streamlined, agile and smarter for everyone.

Our mission

To be the world’s most trusted, connected and effective supply chain platform through reliable data, extreme automation and live intelligence.

Our values

Delivering high value to our clients in both near and far horizons

Service excellence

Challenging the status quo to do better

Continually innovating, supported by testing and learning

Always operating with high integrity

Fostering a diverse team with equal opportunity

Maintaining a satisfying workplace

Being wise with our expenditure

Our experience

Symphony is the core product offering of Symphony Technologies, which has been created by a team that is highly experienced in implementing data management solutions for large enterprise in sectors such as Retail, FMCG, Alcoholic Beverages, Government and Financial Services.

Our Management Team

Grant Cresswell

CEO and Director

As CEO of Symphony, Grant is responsible for driving our company’s vision in delivering world class outcomes across the supply chain. 

Grant has over 30 years’ experience as a start-up specialist steering new enterprises through the ‘innovator and early adopters’ stages, in addition to consulting to major brands, such as Telstra, Opera Australia, Pacific Dunlop and Dexas, to manage and implement commercial strategies.

He has successfully established businesses across a range of disciplines, including recording studios, band management, solar systems, restaurants, food manufacturing, education, television production, business consulting and software development.

“I’m invested in data and data centric projects because I see how many companies are affected by inaccurate and unreliable data and I want to solve that problem.’

Ben Norsa

Sales, Marketing and Director

Ben’s goal is for every client engagement with Symphony to result in a passionate advocate for our solutions and services.

During his 30-year career, Ben has partnered with enterprise level service providers, including Infosys, SAS, Fujitsu and CSC. He has advocated for increased understanding of customer needs, improved business processes, and smarter ways to overcome challenges and identify opportunities for business growth and ROI on technology investments.

Barry Hough

Chief Operations Officer

Barry challenges the status quo and encourages structural change, to drive business growth in new and lucrative directions.

With more than 40 years across a range of industries, Barry has deep experience in the technology sector, and manufacturing and distribution within the FMCG sector, import / export and foodservices. He has held senior positions across finance, general management and IT with companies ranging from SME to listed companies in South Africa, Asia Pacific North America.

“The introduction of business intelligence systems in the 90s encouraged me to drive change in organisations, so people know how to work ‘on a business’ not ‘in a business’, deriving strategy from complex data.”

Mark Fabik

Enterprise Technical and Solution Architect

Mark is a world wide industry leader in Product Data Systems and on the GS1 National Product Catalogue.

Mark has over 20 years of experience with a range of British and Australian Retailers, and Logistics and Consultancy companies across Technical Design and Architecture, Master Data Management, ETL and support operations.

He is an expert on the GS1 National Product Catalogue and led the architecture and design that enabled Symphony to be certified as a GS1 Integration Partner.

Mark has expertise in developing and executing successful project R&D, design and implementations across a range of technologies. He is responsible for providing technical leadership and overseeing the software architecture, technical engineering, and implementation of technology.

Michael Kazzi CA, BEc Sydney

Sector Lead Consultant

Michael is a strategic and experienced specialist in business growth.

With more than 25 years’ experience in finance and business consulting, Michael has worked across the manufacturing, insurance, retail, produce and liquor industries. His key focus has been on advising business owners and senior executives on growth, maintenance and recovery strategies.

Since 2008, Michael has been CFO for:

  • Liquor Marketing Group Limited (including Hotel Liquor Wholesalers Pty Limited) 2008 to 2013. $800mil turnover, 1400-member, national liquor wholesaler and membership group.
  • Montessori Academy Group – 2014 to 2016, then a 24+ childcare group.
  • Nexon Asia Pacific – 2017, NSW based technology and communications company.

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