A leading enterprise automation platform, with a low-code/no-code platform that enables both business and IT teams to build product integrations at five times the speed of typical integration platforms. With this platform, businesses can now accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and increase productivity.

The platform comes with a set of accelerators like pre-built connectors for over 1000 SaaS, on-prem databases, ERP, and other applications. It also includes 500,000 ready-to-use recipes for common business processes shared by over 70,000 community members. This way, businesses can leverage the collective knowledge of the community to reduce the time and effort required to build integrations.


The sound of a beep at the checkout counter. The GS1 barcode launched a digital revolution that forever changed the way the world does business. With a simple scan a product could be identified and connected to a computerised system.

Companies of all sizes need barcode numbers to correctly identify and sell their products in stores or online. The power of the data captured through the barcode is helping to solve large and complex industry challenges.